Most Preferred Destination For Budget Travelers

mimin   April 6, 2016   Comments Off on Most Preferred Destination For Budget Travelers

A huge continent like Asia, where there is little in common except the land mass, can beguile any visitor. The very idea of visiting the Asian continent is exciting. Here you just won’t be able to comprehend where to begin your travel from. The continent is perplexing and can send you in a tizzy as you start planning and preparing your trip here. Just sample the countries that will bring you here – from the tech-savvy ultra-modern countries like South Korea and Singapore to the bizarre countries like North Korea and Turkmenistan, from tropical jungles to sub-zero Siberia, from dirt-cheap Nepal to super-expensive Japan – Asia has all to offer that can fit any budget. The choice ultimately lies with you, whether to spend more or complete your journey on a shoestring budget.

For a budget traveler, a trip to the majestic Asian continent needs a meticulous planning. If you are able to plan carefully, travel on a budget in Asia will be a song for you. Let me discuss the nitty-gritty of budget planning that will ensure that your journey here becomes memorable and successful. For budget planning, Asia can at best be divided into three areas. These are Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and Asia-Pacific. The differences in all these three regions can be striking.

Just sample this and you will come to know how cheap your travel in Asia can be. Since Japan is super-expensive, a budget traveler can easily blow through $100 per day. In Laos, this is however not the case. For spending $100 per day here you will need to stay at a very fancy hotel, dine at the most expensive restaurant, and order imported French wine with dinner. For a budget traveler here, spending $20 per day would suffice. Sometimes you would find a vast difference in terms of expenses when traveling within one country itself. If you are traveling to China, you will discover that rural China is far cheaper than what you would require to spend in bustling, modern Shanghai. Similar is the case with India. If you are traveling within India, it will cost a fraction in southern India than what you would usually spend in Mumbai.

Southeast Asia is the most popular destination for budget travelers. The whole region offers a great value for money, and there are several reasons why people visit here. It is quite easy for the tourists to go overland from country to country. There are several budget airlines plying in this region, which lessen your travel costs. You can easily visit countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos on a shoestring budget.

After Southeast Asia, another popular destination for budget travelers is the Indian Subcontinent. India and Nepal are the most popular countries in this region. Both the countries are considered to be the cheapest places in the world, particularly for those traveling on a budget. Other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are also frequented by budget travelers. These countries also offer cheaper options in terms of accommodation, food and travel.