Online Travel Discussions

mimin   March 2, 2016   Comments Off on Online Travel Discussions

Got a question regarding travel trips and tourism? Newsgroups – – electronic discussions groups – – are the answer.

Whether you are heading off to watch the birds on the Rajang River in Borneo or Ocean Marina Yatch Club in Pattaya, before you go, you would like to know where to hire a reputable river guide and how to avoid an encounter with a Wagler’s pit viper. Surely there is a place online to meet seasoned explorers?

There is. Through newsgroups, computer literate travelers have been swapping tales and sharing advice since the early ’80s.

Newsgroups let you tap into the knowledge and experience of thousands of like-minded travelers. You can turn up specialized tips and timely travel information that may be hard to come by through standard travel literature or internet sites. Log on to a group devoted to European travel to locate the Galway artist you have heard runs an unofficial B&B out of her home. Chances are, you will hear from someone who has just been there or perhaps even from the artist herself.

There are scores of travel related newsgroups among the tens of thousands of subject-specific discussion groups collectively known as Usenet. To access one, you can’t just type in its name. Some internet providers provide access, or you can download free newsreader software from the web. However, neophytes should start by going through user-friendly. Some popular sites provide access to more than 50,000 newsgroups.

Travelers interested in a particular place might try destination-oriented newsgroups, such as Travel.Asia, Travel.Thailand. Don’t overlook non-travel rated groups.